Tips on Installing Cadoro Carrara Marmorino

In this video we discuss the Co.Me 310LU build quality and features. We also show the application of Cadoro Carrara Marmorino. With in the video you will find tips and tricks for a successful application of Cadoro Carrara Marmorino venetian plaster and trowel angle techniques. You will also see the use of the Co.Me 310LREN Rhombus trowel.

2 replies on “Tips on Installing Cadoro Carrara Marmorino

  1. I see that you do not apply a base “foundation “for your Marmorino and I’m just wondering why. Every other manufacturer I’ve seen provides a compatible base coat. Thank you, Rob Ganio

    • Hey Robert,
      The application process begins with 1 coat of cadoro primer then a base coat of Intonachino fine. Its not well described in the video, we apologize. If you follow along through all the videos it should make sense. Will work on put together some better clarification in the near future. Thanks for your comment.

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