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Mixing a 24kg Bucket of Cadoro Intonachino

In this video you can learn how to properly mix our Cadoro Italian Lime plaster. Getting the right constancy is key in creating your Venetian stucco plaster finish. We recommend adding water to your mix of lime plaster to create the perfect spreadability. When the Lime plaster mix is perfect you can lay the Intonachino material down with ease and level out the chatter. This will assist you in creating the best possible finish free of chatter and defects

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How To Apply A Base Coat Of Cadoro Intonachino Fine Italian Lime Plaster

In this video we show you where to start your application of the Italian lime plaster. We give tips and tricks to prevent blemishes in your base coat of Venetian plaster. We also provide knowledge on how to lay your Cadoro Intonachino Fine base coat over a large wall surface. In the video we also provide suggestions on how to avoid a second coat before applying the finish.

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CoMe Tools- Italian Made- Venetian Plaster Trowels 310CHFX, 310ENLB, 310LR

Our spring order of CoMe Venetian Plaster Tools has arrived. When applying our Italian lime plaster like Tadelakt , Carrara Marmorino or polished plaster. With these new range of stainless steel trowels an infinite amount of finishes and  difficult application situations are achievable. One of our most popular tools is the 310LR it is used for the application of Venetian plaster or in the polishing stages of our Italian Lime based materials. The next on the must have list is the 310CHFX ultraflex. With this trowel you can handle stain case risers and situations that require a light touch. For those difficult curved…

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