Purveyors of the finest Italian lime plasters


A family run company with 16 years experience of knowledgeable expertise with lime plasters from a technical and artisans background.

Cadoro offers natural lime plasters from regions around Italy. Our lime plasters create a timeless and durable finish capable of wrapping various substrates. Experienced, trained applicators can manipulate the qualities of the plaster to the desired vision of your design team.

Our materials are available for experienced plaster applicators, design, architecture and building professionals for specification on projects.

Contact us at (604) 484-1538


Founded by Darrell Morrison, with 16 years of plastering experience, knowledgeable in the functionality and technical aspects of lime based plasters from granular composition, substrates, sealers, preparation and product limitations. He is always striving for perfection and how to improve installation techniques.

Darrell’s experience is based on the principles of pushing the materials limitations to its boundaries and installation applications; including architectural mouldings, substrates, wet environments, curved surfaces, pillars, interior, exterior and fireplaces.

Learning the skills of colour matching and reverse engineering of finishes, has pushed Darrell Morrison to seek out various materials and products from around Italy.

Our installation projects include 20,000 square foot Tuscan villas with plaster covering every surface, from pillars to mouldings, ceiling to walls inside and out. We have created unique lime plasters finishes for 4 story hi-end commercial buildings, including white polished plaster in 8 bathrooms that require no maintenance. Our projects range from private residences, commercial spaces and retail applications.

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