CoMe Tools- Italian Made- Venetian Plaster Trowels 310CHFX, 310ENLB, 310LR

Our spring order of CoMe Venetian Plaster Tools has arrived. When applying our Italian lime plaster like Tadelakt , Carrara Marmorino or polished plaster. With these new range of stainless steel trowels an infinite amount of finishes and  difficult application situations are achievable.

One of our most popular tools is the 310LR it is used for the application of Venetian plaster or in the polishing stages of our Italian Lime based materials. The next on the must have list is the 310CHFX ultraflex. With this trowel you can handle stain case risers and situations that require a light touch. For those difficult curved ceilings and domes we recommend the 310ENLB, the oval shape of this trowel will help keep the curve of the ceiling and prevent you from cutting into the surface. Next up on the must have list is the 319T ultra light texture tool, the 319T is ideal for creating pitted texture or concrete finishes. If you are working with coarser grain materials like Intoachino or Tadelakt we recommend the 381LU. With this trowel you will be able to close down the pours of the lime plaster and compress the marble aggregate in the initial stages of compression.

When we apply Venetian plaster and slaked lime mineral finishes using the right tools for the job at hand will make your finishes easier to achieve and free of defects. We recommend you use a different trowel for your coarse finishes and your polished finishes. Each stainless steel trowel we offer has particular use and purposes, over the coming weeks we will be producing videos showing the use of all the tools we offer.  If you have any technical questions contacts us for more info.


310LR-Stainless steel, mirror-polished rhombus Venetian plaster tool trowel for mineral finishes, ideal for polishing and final closing.


310CHFX-Matte stainless steel ultra flexible (0.3 mm) trowel for acrylic finishes and waxes, wooden handle and ABS shank.
200x80mm (7.85″x 3.15″)
240x100mm (9.45″x3.94″)

310ENLB Oval Trowel

310ENLB-Stainless steel, mirror-polished oval Venetian trowel for mineral finishes, Suitable for domes and curved surfaces.

319T-Ultra light texturing float with polyurethane handle. Creates deep pitted texture.

381LU-Stainless steel, mirror-polished Venetian trowel for mineral finishes, initial compression/closing, Energy rubber handle and aluminum shank.

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