About Cadoro

A family run company located in Vancouver, Canada with 18 years of experience and knowledgeable expertise with lime plasters from a technical and artisans background.

Cadoro offers natural lime plasters from regions around Italy. Our lime plasters create a timeless and durable finish capable of wrapping various substrates. Experienced, trained applicators can manipulate the qualities of the plaster to the desired vision of your design team.

Our materials are available for experienced plaster applicators, design, architecture and building professionals for specification on projects.

We are currently accepting requests for training. If you require product technical support please email or phone.

For Technical Support, Training, General Information
or International Sales — please contact us at (888) 610-3018

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For Canadian Sales — please contact Moriah Power at (604) 685-3611

Green Works Building Supply
79 West 3rd Ave.
Vancouver, British Columbia

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